Inbound Marketing

The most effective methodology to close more clients

Inbound Marketing has been the most effective method of marketing and advertising in the last 10 years and this is because it is perceived as not advertising. Instead of using resources such as paid ads, e-mail lists, database calls, and finger-tapping for sales leads, Inbound relies on creating high-quality content that attracts prospects to a business through information. In this way the prospects will be on a platform in which they want to be and it is useful to them. By creating an effective process for the content that is published, we succeed in attracting traffic, turning it into leads or contacts, increasing their interest level and closing more sales.

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In the image above, we can see a four-stage chart (Attracting, Converting, Closing, and Delighting) which an Inbound campaign must encompass for more visits, contacts, opportunities and sales. At the bottom we can see the tools we use to achieve the objectives.


Inbound is simply attracting customers in a different way. It is based on creating effective content and leave it within reach of the prospects where they look or browse, and with this create a process in which they are the ones who look for the brand and not the other way around.


When you publish the right content, in the right place and at the right time, your marketing strategy becomes useful and relevant to your prospects, it is not intrusive and it is a marketing that you love.


  • Content Creation: We create useful content that responds to the doubts and needs of your prospects regarding your services or products.
  • Lifecycle Stage: we create different stages for people to interact with your company and carry out the relevant marketing actions in each one of them.
  • Personalization: As we learn more about your prospects, we can better tailor your messages to your specific needs.
  • Multi-channel: We carry out strategies in the places where your prospects are and where they want to interact with you.
  • Integration: All the tools for publishing, analyzing and tracking prospects are handled in one place with the Hubspot tool, thus making the campaign more effective and making it easier for your sales to close more clients.

Our Process

At Black and Orange we are convinced that creating effective processes increases the chances of successful results in everything we do.


Knowing in depth how your business works and what has been your most effective way to market your product gives us a perspective of its environment and so we can be prepared to help you set goals for growth.

We define SMART goals for your business to know where you want to go..

We set specific, measurable, reachable, relevant and time based goals. That way we can always know where we are heading and which strategies your business will need.

Define the tools your business needs based on its growth goals.

We translate those SMART goals into smaller marketing objectives and we select which tools are the right ones for your campaign.

We execute and optimize your campaign until your goals are reached.

With experts certified in each area, we execute your campaign with all the elements needes and we optimize each action with the results as our main focus.


Each of these phases plays a fundamental role in obtaining the expected results.


First of all it is important to emphasize what it is that we want to attract and where ... as you probably already know, what we are looking for is to attract traffic to your website and turn strangers into visitors. However it is not enough just to attract anyone, we want people who have a real possibility of becoming customers, those who visit your page. For this we use different strategies that allow us to segment your market well, to make your brand visible where your potential customers are looking, to help them obtain valuable information that helps them solve their problems and thus become more and more qualified visits to Your website.

Some of the most important tools to attract visitors are:

Buyer Persona Development

The most important thing is to know who we want to reach, we help you create the profiles of your ideal client and thus we make your strategy more effective.

Keyword Research / Pillar Content

How and what does your prospect looks for information or your services? We help you define a base of topics and keywords relevant for your buyer personas.

Web design / SEO

The most important thing is to have the platform where visitors and prospects will land, but we must also optimize it so that it positions itself where your prospects are looking.


Here we will help your prospects get the answer to your questions and solve your problems. This way when your prospect looks for something related to your industry, he will find resources that will attract them to your brand.

Redes Sociales

Through this channel we can keep our followers engaged, and through social media ads we can capture a specific audience with an appropriate profile, and take them to the right place in your website based on their level of interest.


Once your website already registers visits, what follows is to turn those visits into sales opportunities by getting contact information from your visitors. The most important asset of the people who do marketing through digital media is the contact information of the prospects, and to get this precious information we need to give something back to our prospects. We do this by offering you useful content that will help you with the problems and the doubts you may have regarding your industry.

Some of the most important tools for converting visitors into leads are:

Calls to Action

The CTA or calls to action are small buttons that seek to chain a reaction from behalf of the reader, such as: "Download this guide", "Learn how to calculate (x) thing", "Register for an advice", etc.

Landing Pages

A landing page is the place where your CTA will take the prospect or visitor. In here the content offer will be delivered in exchange for your data.


Forms will be the tool that will be inserted in the landing page and in which, when filling your data, the prospect will become a lead or contact.


We already have an effective prospect-picking process! We can turn visitors into leads, but now we need to turn them into customers. This stage we can make it much more effective by doing the right marketing actions and with an efficient sales methodology that nurtures the prospect until he is ready to take action.

Some of the most important tools to close new clients are:


It is important to measure the level of interest of your prospects in a concrete way. By rating them, you will know which ones are ready to be contacted and therefore you can give them priority.

Email marketing

A powerful tool that generated a ROI of 4.300% last year, email marketing will help us nurture our prospects and prepare them to make the buying decision.

CRM / Sales enablement

Having a sales process with a powerful tool that makes it simple will be the difference between spending your time and half-tracking your prospects, or actually starting to sell.


Closing a new client is just one of the steps in the Inbound methodology, because this does not mean that when you reach that step everything is over. Providing content of value and keeping up with the needs of customers is essential to provide a first-class service, and with it, we can turn our customers into promoters that will attract strangers to our company.

Some of the most important tools to delight our customers are:

Social Media

Keeping up with what your customers say on social networks and offering them additional information to make the most of your service are two ways you can delight your customers.

Email marketing

An email marketing focused on staying in touch with your client and offering you additional value information, will help you to raise your satisfaction level and with that they may recommend you.