Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement through a process.

In Black and Orange we are convinced that "selling more" is not an adequate, specific or sufficiently clear goal. To set sales growth goals, we have to start from where we want to go and what we have to do to achieve it. Having that in mind, we have to know where our sales opportunities will come from, because without them we will be prepared to fail.

It is very common that as a customer you can believe that a person is needed "very good selling", however from our experience we have realized that this is nothing more than a myth, although it is true that a person with communication skills can help, processes are what make the difference and in Black and Orange, we help you create one.

We use some tools like a CRM to be able to make sure that the sales process is fulfilled according to the needs of your prospects and so that the flexibility of the same does not affect the final result (the sale).

In Black and Orange sawe know that buying trends have changed and we help your company transform its way of selling accordingly. Let us support you to create a process that helps you achieve the results you are looking for.

Our Process

At Black and Orange we are convinced that creating effective processes increases the chances of successful results in everything we do.

How do you generate contacts and sales opportunities?

When we understand that sales are as effective as lead generation or sales prospects, then we will see where the target begins and we can facilitate the chances that sales will reach the target.

Lets set up all the right tools

A CRM can help a company have complete visibility of every lead, this way we can always know in which stage it is, what are the next steps, set reminders and keep tight in the sales process.

The process

To set up a right process can make the difference, with one we can always repeat the same actions, have lead qualifying methods and a better follow up which leads to more sales.


With a process we can analyze what is working and what isn't, this way we can optimize every detail and make it better every time.


Selling more should not be the only goal.


Having a process to qualify prospects before the call will help your sales team waste less time and get better results.


It is not about selling to sell, a process will help your sellers close more customers suitable for your company and this will be reflected directly in their profitability and help their operations.


Once your team starts closing more customers you can start growing in other ways, such as raising your prices and / or selling more services to your current customers.